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Creating a space that's just for you!

Updated: May 18, 2021

When my husband and I were early into our relationship, I shared with him how much I wanted a front porch one day. I loved the idea of sitting out on my swing and enjoying my morning hot coffee ( I know, wishful thinking with young kids). Fast forward to our design and pricing meeting for our new home. Marc made sure I got my front porch, even when I said it was a little more than I thought we should spend. Thank God he took the lead on that decision! Here I am, typing this, while sitting on my swing with my hot coffee enjoying one of the last "chilly mornings" in Florida for a while.

This has become MY place. The place I pick when I have a fleeting quiet moment to enjoy my morning coffee or drink my wine at the end of the day. Everyone deserves a place like that in their home. It doesn't need to be expensive or an entire space. Maybe it's a quiet reading nook in your bedroom made up of a comfy chair, a nice throw pillow, a cozy blanket and a place to put your book down when you get back to real life.

Now the second, and equally important, part... plan time for yourself to enjoy that space. Might sound simple, but it can actually be harder than designing the space it self. I want to say I let something like 357 days pass before I ever slowed down enough to just sit and enjoy it. Ever since the time change both of my kids have been sleeping in a little bit. Hello opportunity! Now I set my alarm for 45 min before they get up. I make my coffee, grab my mindfulness journal and my computer (I get that seems counter intuitive) and start my day right. Everyone deserves a their own special place in their home. What does yours look like?

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